Solar Energy Solutions

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Glas Energy have 15 years experience in the design and deployment of solar energy solutions, both Solar PV and Solar Thermal. Our installations meet the requirements of the SEAI solar grant for both Solar PV and Solar Thermal.

Solar PV:

Our Solar PV solutions allow homeowners to generate electricity, reduce utility bills and improve their home's value and Building Energy Rating (BER).  Importantly ,  solar power reduces the household carbon footprint. Combine this with a smart controls and/or battery storage and you can use the solar energy when you need it and not solely during daylight hours. Our Photo Voltaic (PV) solutions are from leading international brands with extensive lifetime warranties of minimum 20 years. Solar PV and storage systems for qualifying domestic users are eligible for an SEAI grant of up to €3,800.

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Solar Thermal:

Our Solar Thermal solutions convert solar energy into thermal energy to meet your hot water requirements. We offer vacuum tube technology from market leading manufacturers and combine these with a variety of storage options from direct hot water cylinders to buffer tanks and combi-tanks. Solar thermal solutions for homeowners are eligible for an SEAI grant of €1,200.


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