HDG Pellet Boiler Range

HDG Pellet Boiler Range

The HDG Compact 50-80, can burn wood chips, pellets or shavings. Different customers will make different fuel choices usually based on availability, convenience and cost. The HDG Compacts are ideal for use as pellet boilers by customers with a small to medium heat demand. Glas Energy has installed these boilers in single dwelling, multiple dwelling and small agricultural and business situations. 

The design of the fuel store and feed is dependent on each situation and space availability. Pellet boilers work well with sack hoppers or purpose built or converted fuel stores adjacent to the boiler house.  For customer convenience we can prefabricate a boiler house and fuel store and deliver on site ready for installation. In all aspects of the project planning Glas Energy and HDG will work with you for the best outcome.

HDG Pellet Boilers are fully automatic

from fuel feeding, to combustion through to ash removal, everything is automatically controlled. And safety is key. The feeding system and rotary wheel ensure safe operation of the system. Glas Energy and HDG will assist you with the individual planning of your system from fuel storage through to heat distribution.

and award winning

The HDG Compact has received the kwf Innovation Award and the iF Design Award 2015.

Highlights of the HDG Compact include:

  • Patented cleaning system: Automatic cleaning of all heat exchanger surfaces using stainless steel heat-resistant turbulators. Providing high levels of efficiency and maximum convenience.
  • Finger tip control: Innovative touch control with simple menu navigation and upgradable at any time. Ensuring intuitive operation of your heating system.
  • Smart combustion technology: Tilting grate technology, used for the optimal removal of residues, guaranteeing reduced running time interruptions.
  • Robust feeding system: Rotary feeder ensuring a reliable fuel supply with a 4 chamber structure, sharp edges and obstruction detection including automatic reversing.
  • Convenient ash removal: Large integrated, and optional external, ash containers with ergonomic transport handle ensuring easy ash removal.
  • Tried and trusted fuel feeding: Sloping down-pipe with double sorting-finger technology and powerful drive unit with high performance reserve. Providing trouble-free operation, even with varying fuel quality.
The HDG TBZ 150 feeding system consists primarily of the rotary feeder and the stoker auger.
The HDG TBZ 150 feeding system consists primarily of the rotary feeder and the stoker auger. The combustion chamber is hermetically separated from the fuel store by the rotary wheel, therefore providing the best possible back burn protection.

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