HDGR Log Boiler – heating with logs

HDGR 20, 25 or 30 kW log boiler

Heating with a log boiler is not just easy and environmentally-friendly, it’s also convenient. The HDG R20-30 proves that in a few steps: Open the fuel chamber doors, in with the split logs, close the fuel chamber doors, ignite. You will be warm in no time!

The perfect log boiler for cost-conscious and environmentally-friendly households.

HDG Log Boiler

The HDGR range has a spacious fuel chamber  (130 l), enabling the split logs to be easily layered from the front. Everything else about the HDG R20-30 is compact. The boiler has a long burning duration and subsequent longer refuelling intervals.  This saves on time and cost. While the split logs are being loaded, a flue gas suction duct ensures that flue gas cannot escape.  The boiler room remains clean and odours minimal. Similarly, the separate lighting doors make heating up also smoke-free. Vertical cleaning turbulators are fitted in such a way that they can be used from the side, easily and with one hand. This ensures optimum heat transfer and a constant high level of efficiency as well as low wood consumption. Cleaning openings in the log wood boiler are easily accessible. Thanks to the integrated ash pan, the ash can be quickly and easily disposed of.

HDG Log boiler is easy to control

HDG have designed the R20-30 combustion to the principle of down firing technology – the burning cycle takes place below. Gases released in the hot combustion chamber are burnt out. This makes a complete burning cycle possible. The flue gas fan runs at a set speed and the built-in flue gas temperature sensor controls the HDG R20-30 performance. The log boiler output and the combustion can be adjusted to the different operating modes. These controls assure a high level of operating convenience and full reliability with low emissions. But don’t worry about these details at this stage, Glas Energy will ensure you are fully up to speed with the controls before we leave the site.  

Heating on demand

Glas Energy and HDG will chose the correct accumulator to operate the HDG R20-30 efficiently in each situation. This saves any excess energy generated and releases it again on demand. Particularly in the summer months, just one boiler can heat up domestic hot water for several days. In addition, the appropriate accumulator for the boiler can achieve very long reloading cycles. The logical conclusion: The accumulator increases convenience levels, efficiency and helps to conserve the environment. Depending on requirements, HDG offers stratified storage units with optional solar heat exchangers as well as with optional integrated fresh water treatment.

PDF brochure here – pdf reader required. 

HDG R Boiler