HDG Turbotec – comfortable and safe

HDG Turbotec log boilerIdeal log boiler for business – HDG Turbotec

The HDG Turbotec is robust and reliable making it the ideal wood heating boiler for businesses, agricultural and forestry plants. Available in 50 kW and 60 kW sizes, the Glas Energy team will work with you to determine the size that suits your need. The turbotec’s enormous fuel chamber (340-litre) can be filled with metre long logs. This saves time and work during both the preparation of wood and the operation if the heating system. Its high efficiency enables high economy with low amounts of ash.

Easy and Safe to Control and Operate

The HDG Lambda Control 1 allows for intelligent energy management. The integrated return temperature control prevents corrosion damages. The accumulator by-pass allows the prioritized supply of heat and water. During the filling of burning material and cleaning of the boiler, the fuel chamber is automatically ventilated – the flue gases are exhausted by the flue gas fan.  Once a week – during summer operation, too, – the control starts the protection program automatically to prevent corrosion by ventilating the boiler and the chimney. Additionally, the motors are activated and the mixing valve is moved to the on and off positions in order to prevent the “sticking of moving parts”.

Intelligent Emission Management

In the HDG Lambda-Control 1, the following parameters are measured continuously and shown on the display:

  • the residual oxygen in the flue gas with the help of the Lambda sensor, to achieve optimal combustion,
  • the flue gas temperature with the help of the flue gas temperature sensor, to achieve a uniform efficiency,
  • the temperature of the boiler and the accumulator to determine their operating state.

The HDG Lambda-Control 1 adapts the measured values continuously to the preset optimum values. A uniform combustion quality is achieved also with varying burning material types. The utilisation of residual heat allows the optimal use of burning fuel and achieves very long refilling intervals.

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